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Our menu offers modern dishes, inspired by historic Turkish gastronomy. The A la Carte menu is available throughout lunch and dinner.


Stuffed Vine Leaves/Cabbage Rolls


Served with cacik

Cig Köfte


Spicy bulgur mixed with pomegranate molasses & isot

Guest Favourite



Zucchini fritters dipped in cacik

Sauced Vegetables


Fried zucchini & eggplant topped with yoghurt & special sauce.

Kabak Dolma


Stuffed zucchini



Falafel served on hummus

House made dips


Cacik, Hummus, Ezme, Carrot, Beetroot, Eggplant, Atom

Mix Dips

S: $17.00 L: $22.00

A mix of dips served with Turkish bread

Meze Platter

$9.00 pp

A mix of meze tasting platter (min. 2 people)




Spiced ground lamb on thin pastry

Garlic Pide


Peynirli Pide


Feta, mozzarella cheese & egg

Spinach & Cheese Pide


Spinach, cheese & egg

Eggplant Pide


Eggplant, onion, cheese & capsicum

Sebzeli Pide


Spinach, onion, capsicum, tomato, eggplant & cheese

Vegan Pide


Spinach, onion, capsicum, tomato, eggplant, mushroom & hummus

Guest Favourite

Sucuklu Pide


Turkish sausage, cheese, egg & parsley

Chicken Pide


Chicken, capsicum, mushroom, onion, tomato & cheese

Kusbasili Pide


Diced lamb, tomato, capsicum & peppers

Pastirmali Pide


Cured beef, cheese & egg

Karisik Pide


Cured beef, turkish sausage, cheese, mushroom & egg

Main Course

Etli Güveç


Lamb & vegetables hot pot, served with bulgur

Guest Favourite

Beyti Kebab


Ground lamb wrapped in flat bread with cheese and topped with our special sauce and yoghurt

Tandir Kebab


Slow cooked lamb shoulder served on bulgur

Çökertme Kebab


Fried thin potatoes topped with ground meat, yoghurt and special sauce

Iskender Kebab


Fine sliced lamb kebab served on top of turkish bread with yoghurt and special sauce.

Vegie Mix Plate


Cig kofte, stuffed vine leaves, cabbage roll, zucchini fritters, bean salad and eggplant salad

Vegie Shish Plate


Mix vegie shish, bean salad, stuffed zucchini, eggplant and shepherd salad

Char-grilled Meat

Adana Shish


Two skewers of ground lamb with bulgur, salad, dip & flat bread

Chicken Shish


Two skewers of chicken breast with bulgur, salad, dip & flat bread

Lamb Shish


Two skewers of tender lamb pieces with bulgur, salad, dip & flat bread

Mixed Shish


Combination of Lamb, chicken & adana with bulgur, salad, dip & flat bread

Köfte Piyaz


Ground lamb & beef balls served with chips, bean salad and dip



Lamb cutlets served on mash potato, mix salad and dip

Mix Grill Platter for Two


Lamb, chicken, adana, kofte & cutlets served with dips & bulgur


Shepherd salad


Mediterranean salad


Chicken salad


Lentil Soup


Steak Fries





Oven baked rice pudding



2 slices of pistachio baklava



Albanian milk cake topped caramel



Ricotta cheese layered with stretched kadayıf and topped with ice cream

We cater to various dietary restrictions and offer vegetarian and vegan options on any trading day, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Our Producers

We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, and that the best ingredients are usually local.

Every day we make many decisions about what we eat and every one of our food choices has an ethical and environmental impact.

It is the best of coincidences that good food choices – those that are good for our land and people, for the environment, for the body and mind – are also delicious and enjoyable.

Our Food Philosophy

We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, and that the best ingredients are usually local. As great cooking starts with great ingredients, great ingredients start with great farmers & ethical suppliers.


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